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Description:   Row 1: Kenneth Chad, Lolita Spencer, ?, ?, Debra Tabor In between row 1 and 2 at back: ?
Row 2: J.C. Stahl, Neland Kissinger, Kathy Martinez, Larry Scarborough, Caroline Braam
In between row 2 and 3 at back: Dianne Horner
Row 3: Randi ?, Kenneth Belden, Dennis Reeves, Jackie Pollard, Gladys Gore, Scotty Pinnick, Rodney Tooker
Row 4: Donna Waugh, Trudy Quackenbush, Arthur Gregory, ?, ?, Floyd ?, Peggy Brown
Row 5: Janet Barela, Lewis Rael, Dianne Barela, Jimmy Dale Marshal, Glenn Sanders, Levi Rael, Cheryl Bennett
Teacher: Mrs. Chancey
Date: 1966
Credits: Glenn Sanders

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1965-66, 3rd grade
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1966-67, 4th grade

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