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Description:   The following pictures are my class pictures from when I went to school in Uravan.
Kindergarten and First Grade, 1974 - 1975

[Back row] Robbie Barela, Carl Butt, Kathy Ray, Mathew Stephen, Thelma Brown, Cody Jackson, Darrel Ferrier
[Center row] ?, Pat Brown, Andrea Willey, Misty Garcia, Debbie Smith, Lorrene Aragon, Jim Shortridge, Stephen Haskell, Shawn Bennetl
[Front row] Darrel McClain, Scotty or Sammie Relaford, Candi Jackson
Teacher: Mrs Zap

Date: 1975
Credits: Leo Leonard

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1973-74, 6th Grade
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1975-76, 2nd grade

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