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Description:   This picture is of me when I was 6 yrs old. The building in the upper right corner was the "Wash house" In the later years, Union Carbide plumbers used it as their "headquarters".

    This was taken in the late 60's, and there were still several other families living in this trailer park. But as families moved away, or into company houses, no one ever moved back in. New mobile homes went in the "New Trailer Court". As people moved out, our yard expanded and my dad planted gardens that were the envy of everyone in town! Soon, other people had garden sites here as well. When I left home in 1979, I would say that there were only about 6 trailers remaining.
  Teresa (Olvera) Hill

Date: late 60's
Credits: Teresa (Olvera) Hill

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Phyllis (Fox) Davis, 1948

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