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Description:   The Hanging Flume still clings to the cliff walls 150' above the Dolores river. Built in the early 1890s, this six mile long wooden channel, supplemented by a seven mile ditch, was designed to carry water to the arid, gold bearing sands of Lone Tree Placer. Timber for the 4' X 6' flume was floated down the finished channel, Workmen were lowered in cradles from a shelf road 400' above the river or were suspended from a cantilever frame beyond the end of the completed platform. Although $173,000 (more than twice the original estimate) had already been spent on the project, construction was halted after the panic of 1893. The unfinished flume was operated on a limited scale but so little gold was produced that the flume was finally abandoned.
Date: December 1999
Credits: Teresa (Olvera) Hill

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Hanging Flume #2

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