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Description:   Excellent work on the Uravan website. We came across it here at the survey as we have recently republished a 1978 publication (Radioactive Mineral Occurrences of Colorado) on cd and were looking for some interesting tid-bits, info, and imagery from the area for cd cover art. We hit the jackpot with your site as it is by far the most comprehensive on the subject of Uravan. I enjoyed reading up about this almost forgotten place. We used three photos off the site on the back of the jewel case and have given them proper credit of course. The cover shot is one a geologist here took in Naturita in 1989. The cd content is just the occurrence data from the entire state and is a pretty dry read, but the cover lent itself to some interesting imagery.
Larry Scott, Graphics Specialist, Colorado Geological Survey (Dept of Natural Resources)
Date: 2005
Credits: Larry Scott

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CGS BU-40 CD cover #1

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