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Description:   On February 13th, 2007 the Rec Hall and Boarding House were burned in Uravan. Ken Bonner and Sharon (Catt) Johannsen both send some photographs of the burning. Marty Warner sent this message as to why it was decided to burn the two buildings down;

The boarding house was in such bad shape, when you walked across the upstairs floor the downstairs ceiling would sag and the the walls would bend inward. That wasn't the worst part, the mold inside the walls was that "black mold" which would call for more remediation. Umetco had already put nearly $1 million in remediation of both buildings, and working around them. There were so many liability issues in the turning over of the buildings that would have been an enormous burden to Montrose County--it just didn't make sense, financially or otherwise. The building wouldn't have survived being moved, and it had to leave the property. The NRC will take possession of the property eventually, and they have stipulations that prevent any structures being left. But since they burned, there's hardly a picture of Uravan that doesn't have the boarding house in it, which makes me sad that it couldn't be salvaged. I had a chance to go into the rec hall as well, and it was a very interesting structure. So there are no more buildings left here. They just spent over half a million on reseeding the valley floor, so that should look nice in the spring.
Date: 2/13/07
Credits: Kenneth Bonner of the Rimrockers Historical Society

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Fire at Rec Hall #2
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Fire at Rec Hall and Boarding House #2

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