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Originally the site of the Joe Jr. Mill, the company town of Uravan was established in 1936 when U. S. Vanadium Corporation moved its plant there. At one time, over 800 people lived along the tree-lined streets enjoying housing, schools, medical facilities, tennis courts, a recreation center and pool provided by the company.

Trucks took ore from mines of the surrounding area, rich in uranium and vanadium deposits, to the processing plant at Uravan. Between 1936 and 1984 the plant milled 42 million pounds of vanadium . The mildly radioactive tailings (byproducts of the extraction) were deposited in huge piles above the canyon next to the plant

Since 1983, Umetco Minerals corporation has been involved in a 15 year, $70 million reclamation project. Tailings above the mill have been stabilized and covered and process wastes from the evaporative ponds have been removed. A groundwater cleanup program is also underway. When the project is completed you will see the canyon almost as it was before milling operations began.

I would like to make this site an online memorial to the town of Uravan where thousands of people once lived. Though most physical traces have been erased between the canyon walls, It's memories will live on here and in the hearts of the former residents.