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These pages were from school programs handed out for Christmas or Spring plays / pageants
Christmas 1974

Advanced Band
Jingle Bells

Beginning Band
Yankee Doodle
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Kindergarten, First, & Second Grades

Bells: Mathew S., Ricky Mc., Shawn B., Cody J., Sam B., Charles H., Andrea W., Lynette S.
Candy Canes: Scott H., Charlotte W., Sam R., Pat S., Darrel F., Kandy J., Daryl Mc.
Elves: Ricky M., Mike S., Robie B., Kristi R., Pat B., Steven H., Jim S.
Faries: Debbie S., Denice G., Missy G., Pam S., Thelma B., Bette Lou S., Kathy R.
Lollipops: Marissa R., Susie C., Karl B., Scott R., Lorrene A., Teresa S., Mike H.

 Third, Forth, Fifth & Sixth Grades

Narrator:  Renee S.  Guisappe:  Phillip C.  1st Elf: Annette F.
Mrs. Claus: Nancy D.  Maria:  Renne R.  2nd  Elf: Barbie J.
Hansel:  Todd  Oliver:  Terry T.  3rd Elf: Martha D. 
Gretel:  Betty L.  Harriet:  Gwan S.  4th Elf: Ralph P. 
Karen:  Callie H.  Doug:  Scot F.  5th Elf: Frank S. 
Klaus:  Randy G.  Sue:  Brenda C.  6th Elf: Opie H. 
Karl:  Ricky B.  Saint Lucia  Donna S.  7th Elf: Jeff S. 
Kristin:  Karla S.      8th Elf: Brenda B. 
Juanita  Monica B.      9th Elf: Alice S. 
Rosa:  Pam B.      10th Elf: Myrna S. 
Migual:  Robert P.      11th Elf: Sally G. 
Pierre:  Billy S.      12th Elf: Clara M. 
Brigette:  Valarie C.      13th Elf: Theresa S. 

Spring 1975

Beginning Band
The Crusaders
Aura Lee

The Gingerbread Man
Knd, 1st, and 2nd
Narrator: Jim Shortridge Little Old Lady Thelma Brown
Gingerbread Boy Pat Scheetz Waddley Duck Mathew Stephen
Three-Cornered Pig Bette Schultz Cat Missy Garcia
Little Blue Bird Lorrene Aragon    

Combined Band
Soldier Boy
Streets of Laredo

The Ugly Duckling
3rd and 4th
Hen Tammy Gabriel Goose Eva Jackson Ugly Duckling Nanual Martinez
Pig  Mark Waugh Turkey Kurt Latimer Little Old Lady Susan Willey
Cat  Brenda Buggitt Lamb Annette Fitzgerald Children Ralph Pacheco
Cow John Schultz Farmer Farley Rael   Theresa Begay

Advanced Band
Pop goes the woodwinds

Safety Poster Awards:

I hear America Singing
5th and 6th
Renee Richardson  Sally Garcia  Randy Gabriel  Nancy Daguerre 
Barbie Jones  Brenda Chadd  Opie Hainey  Renee Salazar 
Billy Schultz  Pam Butt  Myrna Seevers  Frank Smith 
Clara Martinez  Valarie Crespin  Betty Latimer   

Combined Chorus
Free to be, You and Me
Lets join hands

A special thanks to Mrs. Dorothy Schultz and the following mothers who helped her with the masks: Sherry Ray, Theresa Scheetz, Pam Ferrier, Arlens Gabriel, Edith Jackson, Lorna Willmott, Dolores Shortridge, and Jean Burritt. They did a beautiful job.

Christmas 1975

Advanced Band

Bells of winter
Opie Hainey, Phillip Creapin, Randy Gabriel, Billy Schultz, Barbie Jones

Second and Third Grades
Shepherds:  Cody Jackson, Mathew Stephen, Emmanuel Spencer, Ricky McClain
Greensleeves: John Willmott
Kings: Scott Haskell, Pat Schests, Mike Schierman
Angels: Lottie Jackson, Teresa Spor, Bette Lou Schultz
Mary: Susie Crespin
Joseph: Randy King

Beginning Band

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
London Bridge
Jingle Bells

Callie Henderickson, Theresa Scheetz, Monica Butt, Annette Fitzgerald, Myrna Seevers, Todd Spor, John Lines, Manuel Martinez

Fifth and Sixth Grades
Carols in America
Speakers:  Barbie Jones, Clara Martinez, Sally Garcia, Randy Gabriel, Alice Spann, Theresa Scheetz, John Lines, Susan Willey, Todd Spor, Opie Hainey, Brenda burritt, Myrna Seevers, Manuel Martinez, Tammy Gabriel

Kindergarten and First Grade
Merry Christmas

Combined Chorus
Let's have Christmas here tonight

Refreshments will be served following the program by the P. T. C.

Special Thanks to: P.T.C. for stage lights. Teachers for all their help, Mothers for making costumes, Nola Fitzgerald for accompanying the band..Janis Henderickson for flute background music. Iris Allred for typing programs. Connie Bennett for decorations.

Spring 1977

Fifth & Sixth Band
Join the parade
Aura Lee
Streets of Laredo
Krazy Klock

Second & Third Grades
May Day Celebration
Speakers: Robie Barela, Randy King, Thelma Brown
Original poems by:  Darrel Ferrier, Kim Stephens, Kathy Ray, Mathew Stephen, Kelli Evans, Randy King, Pat Brown, Mike Foster

Kindergarten & First Grade
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Little Billy Goat: Andrea Jagoe 
Big Billy Goat: Timmy Workman
Big Big Billy Goat: Shelley Bjornstad
Troll: Mark Phillips
Narrator: Billy Austin

Safety Poster Contest Winners

Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grades
Its Music
Speakers: Brenda Burritt, Martha Dedrickson, Chris Heinze, Bette Schultz, Marissa Rael, Todd Spor, Kurt Latimer, Brian Kilgore, Frank Smith, Kristi Richardson, Brian Kramer, Scott Haskell
Accompanist: Georgia Wood

Kindergarten - Sixth
Sing out America

Band Members
Flute: Martha Dedrickson
Clarinet: Monica Butt, Annette Fitzgerald, Theresa Scheetz, Chuck Austin, Brenda Burritt
Saxophone: Todd Spor
Trumpet: Brian Kilgore, Frank Smith, Tammy Gabriel
Drums: Tommy Lynn

Special Thanks to:  Iris Allred, Connie Bennett, Georgia Wood, Nola Fitzgerald, Dorothy Schultz and the mothers who helped make costumes. Gaye Kilgore and mothers who helped decorate. Bob Burritt.